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Spraying systems

The market offers two types of sprayed insulation: open and closed, which have different type of use and properties. If you choose the right product, you can use it sprayed insulation in all building envelopes to ensure effective and economical insulation without thermal bridges that provides thermal and acoustic comfort.

PCC Ekoprodur S0310

Open cell system

Soft sprayed foam insulation with an open cell structure is a type of insulation foam, the cells of which are open. Its appearance resembles a sponge. This type of insulating foam has more effective airproofing and soundproofing properties, but it is not possible used as a waterproofing and is therefore used primarily in indoor spaces, such as insulation of floors, walls, attics, etc.

Main benefits

Save your time and money

Simple and fast application

Excellent insulating and acoustic properties

Strengthens the structure without burdening it

Technical specification

Fire classification


Core density

≥ 7 kg/m3

Water vapor resistance coefficient

μ 3

Thermal conductivity

λ 0,038 W/(m · K)

Short-term water absorption

WP ≤ 0,85 kg/m2

Sound absorption class


PCC Ekoprodur S0540

closed cell system

Hard spray insulation with a closed cell structure is a much denser type insulating foam because it has a denser cell structure. Liquid water it has larger particles than the structure of a hard foam and therefore no water can pass through it get. It is most often used as insulation of the perimeter cladding, roof, flat roofs, vaulted ceilings, foundations, pipes, warehouses, tanks, swimming pools, cars, freezing equipment, etc.

Through to excellent thermal insulation properties, variety of shape and strength pressures, hard sprayed insulation has become a very popular material in terrestrial, underground construction.

Main benefits

Excellent insulating and acoustic properties

Save your time and money

Low water absorption

High mechanical resistance

Technical specification

Fire classification


Core density

≥ 50 kg/m3

Water vapor resistance coefficient

μ 165

Thermal conductivity

λ90, 90: 0,023 W/(m · K)

Short-term water absorption

WP ≤ 0,11 kg/m2

Compressive strength

σ10 ≥ 300 kPa

Adhesion of the foam

≥ 400 kPa

Possibilities of using insulation

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